Our Core Principles

The GrydSense suite of IoT products delivers value to both SMART buildings and SMART cities and is based on 2 core principles:

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    We want to sense parameters such as ambient conditions, people occupancy and vehicle attributes in these grids with the highest degree of accuracy by running ML-based algorithms on our sensors

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    Business value

    We want to analyze this data on servers and deliver true, actionable insights that translate to tangible business value to our end customers.

SMART Buildings and Cities are typically managed by dividing their underlying spaces into grids. GrydSense takes this philosophy of simplification and quantification a step further by integrating it into our design philosophy.

Blogs and Updates

  • Contact tracing – app or sensor?

    • June 14th, 2020

    • 5 mins read

    With COVID – 19 there has been a raging debate on how to “Contact Trace” employees once they start coming back into buildings. Irrespective of what products GrydSense is building (full disclosure we are a sensor/software analytics company as opposed...

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