• Improve employee productivity by 10%

    Want to spark innovation and collaboration in your employees? GrydSpace gives you recommendations on how you can redesign your spaces to achieve this goal.

  • Reduce Capex/Opx costs on space acquisition by 25%

    Want to reduce the amount of leased space you are occupying or optimize the amount of owned space you have? Grydspace can provide you “actionable” recommendations of how to accomplish this.

  • Reduce your Opx Costs by 20% on facilities maintenance

    Grydspace ties the utilization of the space to how you need to maintain those spaces thereby reducing your Opx costs dramatically.

  • Respond faster to “Requests for Additional Space”

    Grydspace gives you contextual real time space utilization data so you can intelligently accommodate Business Unit requests for additional space.

  • Achieve 15% improved Indoor Air Quality

    Grydspace goes beyond just showing you data by integrating into OT systems to enable you to deliver better air quality to your occupants.

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