Benefits Of GrydSpace

  • Widest array of parameters

    Widest array of parameters

    GrydSpace takes care of People counting, Desk occupancy, Indoor Air Quality

  • Bridges the IT and OT Divide

    Bridges the IT and OT Divide

    Integrates with OT systems to deliver enhanced occupant experience

  • Closed loop by Design

    Closed loop by Design

    We give recommendations to improve your space optimization. All data collected leads to an actionable insight

  • Short term Space Studies

    Short term Space Studies

    Partner with architects to take insights from existing buildings to help design new buildings

  • True Desk Occupancy

    True Desk Occupancy

    Can detect common objects that signify whether a desk is occupied even if a human is not there

  • Integration with your Apps and Systems

    Integration with your Apps and Systems

    Integrates with your current ecosystem of mobile apps and enterprise space datastores

Technology Features of GrydSpace

Understand how people use any open space with our newest sensor, GrydSpace.

  • Smallest Footprint

    45mm (outer diameter) x 35 mm height (height)

  • No calibration required

    Works for >5 years without any drift

  • Anonymous

    Protects people and privacy

  • Highest Accuracy

    98.5% for people counting (Closed space) and occupancy, 95% for threshold counter (open space), > 99% for indoor air quality

  • Future proof

    Sensors support over the OTA updates

Network Diagram

Products of GrydSpace

  • Occupancy Sensor

    Sensor that performs complex AI/ML based edge computations to give an accurate count of people in a space. Sensors double as a wayfinding beacon to support location-based use cases

  • IAQ Sensor

    Sensor that provides multi-variable Indoor Air Quality parameters (CO, CO2, TVoC, PM2.5/10, Temperature, Humidity, Noise) about a given space

  • Bluetooth Receiver

    Aggregator that receives information from multiple sensors and sends the information to the cloud

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