How GrydSense changes your world

  • Experience


    GrydSense makes your environs as comfortable, well-adapted, and personal as your clothes. Our integrated AI/ML system creates automated and adaptive real estate with enhanced employee wellbeing, consistent thermal comfort, workspace affinity- and choice-tracking, and high productivity.

  • Optimization


    GrydSense helps you visualize, monitor, and design your space on the fly. Our cloud-based system tracks real-time space usage, analyzes the data, and suggests solutions to help you capitalize on every inch of real estate.

  • Efficiency


    GrydSense helps you decarbonize and achieve ESG goals with centralized intelligent control. By harnessing occupancy and ambient data we run your infrastructure with maximum efficiency, and minimize energy waste

  • Infrastructure


    GrydSense brings scifi to real life. Enjoy hi-tech, digitalized, easy-install infrastructure that will stand the test of time and technological change.

Transform your spaces

Corporate Real Estate

Gear up to the challenges of hybrid work with GrydSense integrated solutions. Accommodate flexible work schedules with desk choice and booking, usage tracking, preferences, and dynamic space & energy optimization.


Supercharge your property with tech-enabled tenant experience. With automated environmental control and smart services GrydSense can make your rental space a magnet for users.


Upgrade your learning space for hygiene, safety, and efficiency. GrydSense can optimize classroom use, schedule maintainence, and detect emergencies.

GrydSense Solutions

  • Omnos

    Create an adaptive smart experience encompassing intelligent ambience, optimized space, and efficient energy use with one integrated platform

    • AI powered

    • iOT

    • smart

  • GrydLight

    Enjoy an intelligent lighting experience with enhanced wellbeing and productivity, visual comfort, and energy optimization based on presence and ambient data

    • AI powered

    • iOT

    • smart


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