Omnos combines smart solutions for space use, lighting, ambience, occupant experience, and energy management into one integrated package.

Whatever you need, Omnos has it all.


Compartmentalized approaches can leave your office struggling with efficiency, maintenance, and compatibility issues. Omnos offers you a consolidated, uncomplicated route to a smart workplace.


Omnos is wireless, giving your space an uncluttered and next-gen look. The integrated system uses AI/ML on EDGE, and exchanges data and instructions with our cloud server.


Omnos is easy-to-install with both greenfield and retrofit projects. Our multiple configurations, with innovative auto-adjust mechanism, ensure seamless installation regardless of client site settings.


Omnos monitors air quality (CO2, PM1, 2.5, 4, 10, TVOC), temperature, humidity, noise and pressure levels with its IAQ sensor. Closed-loop integrations with HVAC actuators ensure environmental deviations are autonomously corrected and reported.

Benefits Of Omnos

  • Integrated


    Omnos is the all-in-one enabler of smart building. Accurate data is seamlessly combined with analysis to deliver a hyper-aware and optimized experience

  • Intelligent


    Omnos uses advanced AI/ML techniques to turn raw data into smart adaptations and actionable insights

  • Experiential


    Omnos upgrades the dull impersonal occupancy state into a smart, personalized, and interactive experience. Occupants can enjoy improved convenience, safety, and accessibility and thus perform better

  • Easy install

    Easy install

    Omnos has in-built coordination and communication requiring minimum penetration into your existing infrastructure. Enjoy instant transformation with a simple palm-sized device. Omnos comes in two form factors, making the installation seamless based on open ceiling with linear lights or grid ceiling.

  • Bridge IT/OT

    Bridge IT-OT

    Omnos system works independently of the IT systems of an enterprise by forming its own mesh wireless network. The data to GrydSense cloud is sent using cellular network using SSL to ensure security, thus removing the need for IT network of any enterprise.

  • Future-proof


    Omnos is infrastructure of the future, digitalizing your space to harness advancing technologies. Compatibility with modern communication, processing, and intelligence – plus optional POE - ensures your building is future proofed.

  • Healthy


    Omnos combines intelligent lighting, based on occupancy and ambient light levels. It also actuates HVAC (based on open communication standards) to create a comfortable and healthy space for the occupant.

  • Green


    Omnos is greentech helping you optimize energy use and minimize wastage. Efficient use of space enabled by Omnos helps reduce the environmental footprint of businesses

  • Secure


    Omnos is end-to-end secured with encryption keys and SSL certificates to ensure the data and network is secured. With integrated zero trust network policy, GrydSense has highly secured communication channel with the cloud system.

Technology Features of Omnos

Integrate lighting, environment, and space control with GrydSense Omnos

  • Compact

    80mm diameter wireless ceiling mounted device

  • Zero-Touch Commissioning

    Minimum requirements for default operations

  • Intelligent

    AI/ML on EDGE; cloud-based analysis

  • Wide cover

    The optical sensor has 160 degree FOV (field of view) covering a larger area of interest to identify occupants

Network Diagram

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